Exposicion de   MING YI CHOU 




Ming Yi Chou Taiwan 1969. Arrived in Seville, Spain, in 1996


As a result it is impossible to speak of him without reference to his Origens and the clash of cultures which he expresses in his work. This opens a dialogue in his paintings in which he explores the contradictions and afinities evoked.


His earlier work was based on the sensations produced by his immediate environment. Andalucia is evoked in a series of simingly simple schematic forms, expressing his perception of the exotic mixture of cultures which formed the bases here in Andalucia..These works are expressed as small travel paintings in which his visions and experiments are accumulated and condensed into a personal code which expresses the rthym of each journey.


La Felicidad (Happiness) is the central theme of his new exposition at the Neilson Gallery, in which the detail and abstraction take a major role.


The result of Ming Yi works are compositions that exhbit a harmony and a beauty which relates to nature and the process of creation. The works are impregnated with a deep feeling, full of symbols and spirtuality. Arabesques, Chinese caligraphy, letters which entwine with the vegetable world forming maps, landscapes…. And the sonorous color which defines the show: Red.


Neilson Gallery

serie anhelar i-4 t.m.  s/papel, 70 x 51 cm    

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