The Gallery Kobo Chika of Tokyo Japan in collaboration with the Neilson Gallery is preparing the exposition

“The length of a song” In honour of the friendship that brought together Takako Baba with Quico Rivas, the exposition is dedicated to this multitalented artist and art critic. It had already been organised for him to have an individual show in the Gallery in 2009 and he was also organising a group exposition of Andalucian artists in the same gallery.

Following the death of Quico Rivas, the two projects were joined and have created this current exhibition consisting of a selection of the paintings of Quico Rivas in dialogue with the same group of artists. These artists demonstrate a vision of the current contemporary art scene which is developing in Andalucia, the show will reflect the connection which Quico Rivas maintained with the artists and demonstrate his inspiration and ideas in the evolution of their work. We will recognise in this exposition the importance of Rivas as a fundamental part of the Andalucian Culture in the last 3 decades and his constant association with the “young” artist.

The epicentre of the exposition will be a selection of Quico Rivas works from the series “Hotel”, “Carcel de Mujeres” y “Opio”, shown together with the works especially created for the exposition by 4 artists with solid professional reputations, both National and International.

The curator Esther Regueira will give a brief introduction to the artistic work and the person as a writer, painter, thinker, agitator and cultural activist called Quico Rivas.

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They say life is short,

but they’re wrong,

since life lasts,

the length of a song.



The length of a song  in Honour of Quico Rivas

08 of May 2010    -   Galería Kobo Chika  –  Tokio  -  Japón.


Artistas:  Alonso Gil,  Victoria Gil,  Federico Guzmán,  Roberto Mollá, Quico Rivas..

Presentación:  Esther Regueira

Colaboración: Neilson Gallery, España.                   


Es un proyecto en colaboración con la Empresa Publica de Gestión  de

Programas Culturales, Junta de Andalucia..  

Federico Guzmán

Alonso Gil

Victoria Gil

Roberto Mollá

Quico Rivas